Whether you are looking for a place to live on your own, with family or roommates TOAS has to offer a wide variety of apartments. Find a suitable housing for your life situation and near the school you are studying in.

> City centre

The city centre where everything is near. Take a stroll at Hämeenkatu, sit down for a picnic at Koskipuisto or go for a shopping spree in the plethora of shops and boutiques. Or walk to lectures because the University is oh so near.

120 Rantalinna

Haarlankatu 8, 33230 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnot

On the shore of lake Näsijärvi the Rantalinna, (ie. beach castle) location offers great environment for students to reside. The beach is only 50 meters away and the city amusement park Särkänniemi less than a kilometer away from this calm location. All apartments in block C are equipped with a sauna. Dreamy!

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130 Trikootalo

Satakunnakatu 37, 33210 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnot

The apartment building previously occupated by the employees of Suomen Trikoo is filled with 1950's vibe. The location was renovated by TOAS during 2012-2013 to meet the needs of today's students.

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135 Forum

Kauppakatu 9, 33200 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

TOAS' newest location Forum is situated in the Tampere city centre, just opposite to the Yo-talo at Kauppakatu 9. This traditional building from the 1930's was renovated to respond the high standards of student accommodation in the 2000's.

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150 Centrum

Hämeenkatu 11, 33100 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

Centrum = At the heart of the city. This location is for those who value short distances to services and feel at home in the busy city centre. The location that used to be a shopping centre and a hotel now offers a home for about 70 students.

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155 City

Tuomiokirkonkatu 19, 33100 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

First a dressfactory, then a hostel, now an international student house! With all rooms furnished, City accommodates mainly international exchange students. Those who are lucky enough to get a room at City can enjoy a free gym and lots of communal living.

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160 Markuksentori

Tammelanpuistokatu 14-16, 33100 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

Looking for a loft apartment nearby the city centre with green surroundings and great outdoor possibilities? You are not alone as Markuksentori is one of the most desired locations of TOAS! Beautiful old factory building with fantastic location surely can hold its own.

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170 Pellavapää

Rohdinkuja 2, 33100 TampereYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

The first TOAS building at the prosperous Tampella area, Pellavapää, was built 2002. The location has shared apartmetns, studios and family apartments. The choise is yours!

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175 Willa Espa

Tampellan Esplanadi 5, 33100 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

One of the monst recently built locations of TOAS and a third TOAS building at the Tampella area is Willa Espa. If you prefer laminate floors over carpet and bathroom floor heating over no floor heating, you might want to consider Willa Espa as a future home.

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180 Tullinaukio

Tullikamarinaukio 1, 33100 TAMPEREYksiöt

Near to the University of Tampere, near the city centre, above of a popular nightclub, opposite to a small shopping centre, near the railway station...the list is endless. Only studios and only for students!

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190 Herrainpuisto

Valumallinpolku 2, 33100 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

A soothing view to the lake Näsijärvi or an inspirational view over the city? Done. The second TOAS building situated in the Tampella area with its glazed balconies makes you enjoy living in a student house.

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205 Rauhaniemi

Rauhaniementie 20-28, 33180 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

Nature, outdoors, lake and woods. And Rauhaniemi location right there in the middle of all that. Reasonable rent and perfect surroundigns for recreation.

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960 Ilmari

Itsenäisyydenkatu 7-9, 33100 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

TOAS transformed an office buildung to a student house that has all the best qualities: nearby to everything, restaurants in the same building (take out-yum yum) and peculiar plan solutions. It's everyone's cup of tea! 

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970 Lapinkaari

Lapinkaari 1, 33180 TampereYksiötPerheasunnot

Lapinkaari acts as a home mainly for exchange students. In between moving in and out you can enjoy the surrounding nature and recreational possibilities. Only single rooms with basic furniture and common kitchens for keeping you well nourished. 

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> Kaleva

Kaleva is neatly beside the city centre, yet has all the services you need.

200 Vanha Domus

Väinämöisenkatu 11, 33540 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

The story of TOAS begun with Vanha Domus back in 1960 when the first students moved in. This is the first location of TOAS and has an authentic feel about it. With studios with common kitchens, small family apartmens, studios and few shared apartments, Vanha Domus is one of the most affordable locations of TOAS. Popular among those students who value low rent, relatively short distances and a swimming hall in the proximity of their home.

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210 Uusi Domus

Pellervonkatu 9, 33540 TAMPEREYksiöt

The little brother of Vanha Domus is Uusi Domus. In the past the building has been used as a summer hotel and also as a TOAS office. Nowadays on top of having apartments, it has a restaurant, hair salong, pool and gym, and a sauna/common room/roof terrace for the tenants use.

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215 Pekola

Ilmarinkatu 27-35, 33500 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnot

The ultimate Finnish design guru Mr. Alvar Aalto has originally designed the Pekola apartments for the use of Tampella's factory personnel back in the 1950's. TOAS aquired the five buildings in 1997 and begun to renovate the location one building at a time on 1 June 2013.  

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270 Kalevan Keihäs

Sarvijaakonkatu 18, 33540 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

At the great area of Kaleva, Kalevan Keihäs (ie. spear of Kaleva) has the qualities many students find attractive. Nearby are a supermarket, swimming hall, fitness centre, ice hockey hall and TAMK and UTA of course.

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280 Kalevan Nuoli

Sarvijaakonkatu 16, 33540 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

Neighbouring the Kalevan Keihäs locaiton, Kalevan Nuoli (ie. arrow of Kaleva) also has the qualities many students find attractive. Nearby are a supermarket, swimming hall, fitness centre, ice hockey hall and TAMK and UTA of course.

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285 Jarinsampo

Sammonkatu 48, 33540 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

Nicely situated + functional plan solutions = one of the most popular TOAS locations. Cool bathroom design is a major plus!

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287 Ninansampo

Takojankatu 13A / Takojankatu 13B / Sarvijaakonkatu 2, 33540 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

TOAS' newest location in Kaleva. A superb mix of studios, shared apartments and family apartments.

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Pirjonsampo havainnekuva

271 Pirjonsampo

Rieväkatu 4, 33540 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

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217 Kissanmaa

Kissanmaankatu 20, 33540 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

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> Messukylä-Janka-Pappila

Close to the city but oh so peaceful.

220 Messukylä

Messukylänkatu 37, 33700 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnot

The first location of TOAS that is situated outside the Kaleva area. Family apartments and garages!

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230 Rautapelto

Rautapellonkatu 40, 33700 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnot

After renovation in 2004, Rautapelto has gained popularity amongst families and couples. Easy and comfortable in with good connections. 

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240 Pappila

Haukkamäenkatu 1, 33560 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnot

Pappila location is situated in the calm Pappila area (explains the name..). Small and affordable family apartments for those who value the suburbian surroundings.

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250 Janka

Resiinankatu 1 / Ristinarkuntie 19, 33560 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

Conveniently named after the area, Janka location has good public transportation connections. Popular location that has shared apartments, studios and family apartments.

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260 Ankkari

Ankkarinraitti 8, 33560 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

A good location for families with children; affordable, good connections and a day care at the same location!


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290 Ismonraitti

Resiinankatu 1, 33700 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnot

The third location at the Janka area is Ismonraitti. Different to the other two (Janka and Ankkari), Ismonraitti has saunas in the apartments. 

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> Iidesranta-Järvensivu

You just can't get closer to the University. Or the TOAS office. Or a beautiful lakeside view.

300 Ritvanranta

Iidesranta 36, 33100 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnot

Ritvanranta is the first TOAS location in Iidesranta area. Being close to the University of Tampere and city centre makes it one of the most popular locations of TOAS. Additionally, TOAS Housing Office is very close!

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310 Kirstinranta

Iidesranta 34, 33100 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnot

Kirstinranta is the second building of the three locations on the address of Iidesranta. Being close to the University of Tampere and city centre makes it one of the most attractive locations of TOAS. Additionally, TOAS Housing Office is very close!

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320 Pirkonranta

Iidesranta 32, 33100 TAMPEREPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

Pirkonranta is the third building of the three locations on the address of Iidesranta. Being close to the University of Tampere and city centre makes it one of the most attractive locations of TOAS. Additionally, TOAS Housing Office is very close!

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330 Raunonlinna

Iidesranta 3, 33100 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

Spacious family apartments nearby the University of Tampere makes Raunonlinna a great alternative for couples and families.

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340 Heikintorni

Iidesranta 1, 33100 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnot

Great views, functional plan solutions, eight floors, near the University of Tampere and the home of TOAS office. That is Heikintorni of course!

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350 Viklanpolku

Viklanpolku 6, 33540 TAMPEREPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

Viklanpolku can be described by the word tranquility. A small 12 apartment location guarantees calm environment for students. Good recreational environment and public transportation connection.

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360 Timontalot

Iidesranta 2 - 4, 33100 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnot

You have a spouse/ family, you like to go to sauna a lot and you like to stay closeby the city centre but not too close? Timontalot is the place for you! You want to live in a studio not too far from the centre and have nice surroundings for walking your dog? Timontalot is the place for you! You want share a flat and stay not too far from the centre or TOAS Housing office? You know the answer.

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370 Velinterassit

Järvensivuntie 13 A - 17 A, 33100 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

600 meters to the University of Tampere, great lakeside views and a grocery store right next door. What's there not to like?

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380 Liljanterassit

Järvensivuntie 19, 33100 TAMPEREPerheasunnot

Apartment specific saunas, design taps, laminate floors and glazed balconies. Who says student apartments cannot be luxurious?

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> Hervanta

Home of every teekkari, the one and only Hervanta.

401 Mikontalo

Insinöörinkatu 60, 33720 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

'Legendary' is Mikontalo's middle name! Once the biggest apartment building of Scandinavia, Mikontalo still is the landmark of Hervanta. With great pride, TOAS renovated this complex back in 2008-09 to meet the today's standards.

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410-412 Wäinölät

Opiskelijankatu 4, 33720 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

The construction of these first TOAS locations in Hervanta begun in 1974. Previously named (moderately) Hervanta 1, 2 and 3 are now being known as Wäinölä 1, 2 and 3.

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420 Paawola

Orivedenkatu 8, 33720 TAMPEREPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

Highly popular and reasonably priced Paawola has just finished from renovation. 

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430 Erkkilä

Näyttelijänkatu 19, 33720 TamperePerheasunnotSoluasunnot

Far away from the city centre and at the heart of recreational surroundings lies the Erkkilä location. Serenity and peace of mind.


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440 Tuulanhovi

Vaajakatu 5, 33720 TAMPEREPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

Safely situated right next to the police academy Tuulanhovi is one of the locations with a shortest queues. Need a room or an apartment fast? Tuulanhovi is to be considered!

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450 Pianpytinki

Tutkijankatu 3-5, 33720 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

New location constructed to Hervanta. Two buildings of which the first will be finished at November 2013 and the second on February 2014.

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460 Kanjoni

Kanjoninkatu 17, 33720 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnot

Currently undergoing balcony renovation. Kanjoni is appreciated by those who prefer space, affordable rent and calm surroundings.

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470 Tekniikantornit

Tekniikankatu 10-14, 33720 TAMPEREYksiötSoluasunnot

As close to school as it gets! Right next to the Tampere university of technology makes this location especially suitable for a teekkari (you know if you are one).

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475 Tieteentornit

Tekniikankatu 16, 33720 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnot

As close to school as it gets! Right next to the Tampere university of technology makes this location especially suitable for a teekkari (you know if you are one).

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480 Veijonhovi

Insinöörinkatu 43, 33720 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

How to describe a location that has big shared apartments with room specific toilets, family apartments with saunas and apartment that all have a balcony? With a word splendid!

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490 Karinkaari

Tumppi 3, 33720 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

In the middle of Hervanta, the location Karinkaari offers students confortable studios, compact shared apartments and comfy family flats with a cosy courtyard.

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495-496 Veikkolat

Insinöörinkatu 84 / Insinöörinkatu 88, 33720 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnot

 Veikkola has a great offering of affordable apartments with functional plan solutions and sense of space. Good basic apartmens that have simple white walls.

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500/501 Lukonkierikka

Yrttikatu 1, 33700 TAMPEREPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

Affordable and spacious shared and family apartmetns. The G- and H-blocks were renovated on 2010.

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510 Lukonlysti

Pyykkiojankatu 2, 33700 TAMPEREPerheasunnot

Affordable family apartments with balconies or back yards. Peculiarity: a volleyball court at the courtyard for the tenants use.

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520 Lukonkruuti

Finninmäenkatu 4, 33710 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

Spacious apartments in the form of shared apartments, studios and family apartments. Good connections to the city centre and to Hervanta. 

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> Hallila

Family idyll, cars may only drive 30km/h and lots of forest, why not Hallila?

600 Männikkö

Männikönkatu 1-3, Havumetsänkatu 2, 33820 TAMPEREPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

Männikkö a.k.a. pine forest is situated in the Hallila area nearby Hervanta. Vibrant nature surrounding Männikkö makes it a refreshing location for students to reside.

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610 Leenanlinna

Havumetsänkatu 27, 33820 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnot

Leenanlinna is situated in the Hallila area nearby Hervanta. Vibrant nature surrounding Leenanlinna makes it a refreshing location for students to reside. Especially liked among families.

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> Kaukajärvi-Annala

It's all about modern, peaceful living in the suburbs.

700 Sepontalo

Keskisenkatu 8 B, 33710 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

Constructed on 2011 Sepontalo is a modern version of its namesake and predecessor. Functional, modern and smart use of colors makes Sepontalo a neat and attaractive location.

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710 Annala

Annalankatu 11, 33710 TAMPEREPerheasunnot

Constructed on 1984 and smartly renovated in 2007 makes Annala popular amongst families and couples.

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720 Iso-Heikkilä

Annalankatu 13 / Kolunkatu 10, 33710 TAMPEREPerheasunnot

Renovated on the year 2010, Iso-Heikkilä now belongs to one of the finest locations of TOAS. Family apartments that are suitable for couples with or without children.

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730 Kaisanpirtit

Ruskontie 6, 33710 TAMPEREYksiötPerheasunnotSoluasunnot

Downright and diverse Kaisanpirtit are a functional alternative for someone who is looing for a shared apartment, studio or family apartment.

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